Parents and pediatricians often have concerns related to one or more aspects of a toddler or young child’s developmental trajectory. Sometimes, the concern is specific, such as a question of an autism spectrum disorder..

Trying to navigate through the world of medicine, behavioral health and school can be exhausting for parents.  You may feel as though you know what your child needs, but making sure that the child is receiving those services can be exceedingly difficult. ..

All children experience some challenging behaviors or changes in mood as they grow and mature.  While some “bumps” in the road are to be expected, there are also instances in which behavior supersedes what is to be expected...

Identification of a child’s exceptional thinking skills is important for many reasons. Knowing that a child is gifted helps in educational planning...

Our Approach

Sometimes parents are the first ones to notice an area of their child’s functioning that warrants concern.  Other times, it may be a teacher, doctor or other professional who initiates a concern. Concerns may arise at any point, and may be acute or more commonplace.  Regardless of the initial source, there are a multitude of questions and concerns that would lead a parent to consult with a child psychologist.


Dr. Michele Carol Mannering is a licensed psychologist and Nationally Certified School Psychologist.  She completed her undergraduate degree in human development at Boston College and also obtained a master’s degree in developmental psychology at Boston College.  She received her PhD from Fordham University in the school psychology program...

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by Michele Mannering, PhD