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Our Approach

Sometimes parents are the first ones to notice an area of their child’s functioning that warrants concern.  Other times, it may be a teacher, doctor or other professional who initiates a concern. Concerns may arise at any point, and may be acute or more commonplace.  Regardless of the initial source, there are a multitude of questions and concerns that would lead a parent to consult with a child psychologist. Many of these questions can cause panic or trepidation in parents, which is something we are extremely sensitive to.  Common questions that bring parents in include:


  • Is my child meeting their developmental milestones?

  • Does my child worry too much about school performance?

  • What kind of learning environment will be best for my child?

  • Why is my child having difficulty learning?

  • How can I best help my child succeed in school?

  • What are the differences in learning accommodations in high school versus college?


Although these are commonly heard questions, the answers are different for every child or adolescent.  Our approach is highly individualized, with a consistent guiding framework to look at the whole child/adolescent, rather than isolated symptoms or behaviors.  This includes working closely with other professionals across disciplines. In utilizing a collaborative approach, all aspects of functioning are accounted for in order to devise a holistic plan to target deficits and capitalize on strengths.  

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