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Academic Guidance

The transition from high school to college for students with learning disabilities and/or neurodevelopmental disabilities can be challenging.  There is a learning curve for both parents and students that is not always intuitive. By implementing a four-phase plan, the transition process can be streamlined and simplified.  Some facets of the transition program we have designed include:

  • Differentiating school based supports (IEP, Section 504 Plans) from those afforded through Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  • Reviewing previous neuropsychological testing to ensure recency and accuracy- make sure all diagnoses are documented

  • Explaining the spectrum of supports available at colleges and universities

  • Ascertaining what documentation is specifically needed for particular university as it vaies

  • Solidifying student’s understanding of disability and refining self advocacy skills

  • Communicating with staff from office of disability services as needed

  • Scheduled check ins with student around accommodations and supports

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