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Parent Consultation

Trying to navigate through the world of medicine, behavioral health and school can be exhausting for parents.  You may feel as though you know what your child needs, but making sure that the child is receiving those services can be exceedingly difficult.  Seeking consultation is one way for parents to assist in the process. By working with an outside professional, there will be a thorough review of all existing reports, evaluations, school plans, and any other relevant data.  Once reviewed, we ensure that you understand your child’s social-emotional or learning profile and will spend time reviewing pertinent educational procedures that direct the services to which your child is entitled. Appropriate supplementary (speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.) services will also be discussed.  For older students, the emphasis shifts toward planning for college, and ensuring that there is a match between the student’s profile and supports offered at various universities. It is integral that older students participate in this process, as the development of self-advocacy skills is important for students and parents.

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